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Donate to Hiddush - Freedom of Religion for Israel

Ten things donations to Hiddush have already helped accomplish:

  • Exposing the government's military service exemption reform and petitioning against the reform
  • Reports about freedom of religion to the country in general and to the Knesset specifically
  • Providing a a great deal of factual information about the rise in the number of Yeshiva students receiving military service exemptions, the number of fictitious Yeshiva students, and the Yeshiva subsidies
  • Helping converts to Judaism receive Israeli citizenship
  • Reports on gender discrimination, women on religious councils and the extremist statements of MK Israel Eichler
  • The struggle to make sure that the massive building projects by Haredim in outlying areas of the country are accompanied by sources of employment and do not become poverty pockets
  • Cooperation with diaspora Jewry for religious freedom in Israel
  • The struggle, in coalition with other organizations, against income assurance subsidies and petitions against them to the Supreme Court
  • Publication of statements, made by the great scholars of Judaism through the ages, against idleness and earning a living from Torah
  • Exposure of the Haredi parties' "Mortgage for Every Yeshiva Student" program and the struggle for its elimination.

Donate to Hiddush - Freedom of Religion for Israel


* Hiddush is a USA tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

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