Freedom of Marriage World Map

Legend:   0: Severe restrictions   1: Partial restrictions   2: Freedom of Marriage


Principal Religion:


Freedom of Marriage/Divorce:




Primary Source:

Support for recognition by the State of Israel of all marriage alternatives, including civil, Conservative and Reform
Preferred form of Marriage today (in the framework of “common law” couples)
Preferred form of Marriage if the State of Israel were to equally recognize all the alternatives

Facts, Figures and Personal Stories

Hiddush Research and data on freedom of marriage and personal stories of couples who chose to marry outside the Rabbinate


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Same-sex marriage and civil unions

There are several methods that are employed around the world to legally recognize same-sex partnerships The most prevalent methods are marriage and civil union. Civil unions usually provide the couple with specific rights, similar to the ones that married couples receive, but they do not necessarily enjoy all of the same rights that heterosexual couples do.

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Why is Marriage Freedom needed in Israel?

Why is Marriage Freedom needed in Israel

A video that introduces you to Israeli couples who cannot or will not marry in Israel, along with subject matter experts and celebrities. Herein are the faces, voices, and reasons for why marriage freedom must be allowed. Watch now and then sign the petition to the heads of Israel's civil political parties.

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